This Hilarious Little English Soccer Fan Is Plastered and Ready to Rumble (Video)

drunk belligerent soccer fan tries to start fight

When you consider that there are 24 tiers in the English football league system, being in the 7th tier doesn’t sound so bad. It is, though. Teams who play in the Northern League Premier Division, the Southern Football League Premier Division, or the Isthmian League Premier Division are semi-pro teams that play in venues with 700 seats.

That being said, these teams still have die-hard, loyal fans. Take the guy in this video, for example. He’s apparently a fan of Wealdstone FC, which plays in the Isthmian League Premier Division and has never climbed higher than the 5th tier of the English football league system. However, just because his team is small-time, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t like to get three sheets to the wind and talk sh*t. In fact, he might just be the most cantankerous drunk in English soccer…and he’s amazing.

Take a look:

I couldn’t understand most of what these two guys were saying, but I did here “you’re sh*t,” “you got no fans,” “you’re playing sh*t and you got no fans,” and—my personal favorite—”if y’ant some I’ll give it ya.”


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