25 Animated GIFs of Kevin Durant Being Awesome

Kevin Durant GIFs (basketball NBA GIFs)

Here at TotalProSports we’ve done GIF tributes to LeBron James and Kobe Bryant already, so we figured the next guy up would have to be Kevin Durant. He may not be the biggest star in the game today, but he’s close. And if you asked all the GMs what player they would choose to build a team around right now, right after LeBron the #2 choice would almost certainly be KD.

What’s so great about Durant? Well, it’s not just the point totals. It’s the guy’s versatility. He’s a 6’9″ small forward who can beat you in pretty much any way imaginable—from the paint, driving the lane, on the baseline, or from behind the three-point arc. And on top of all that he’s reputedly one of the nicest guys in the league.

So to get you pumped up for the 2013 NBA Playoffs and a possible Finals rematch between the Thunder and Heat, check out these 25 Kevin Durant GIFs. You won’t regret it.


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