Soccer Fans in Prague Get Pretty Worked Up Over the Prague Derby (Video)

prague derby fights

We’re pretty accustomed to seeing soccer fans brawl and riot before, during and after significant matches. And since few matches are as significant to fans as a derby match–i.e., a match between a heated intercity or regional rival—these matches often surpass all others in fan violence. We saw this last week in Newcastle, England, where fans of the home team rioted after their loss to Sunderland. And we also saw it in Prague, Czech Republic, where fans of intercity rivals SK Slavia Prague and AC Sparta Prague brawled in the stands like there was no tomorrow.

Of course, the difference between the situation in Newcastle and that in Prague was that, in Prague, a local TV station was fully expecting some extreme fan violence, so they stuck a bunch of undercover reporters among the crowd to document the action. And boy, did they get some footage. It was utter chaos.

Take a look:

As tense as these scenes looked, it’s actually amazing more violence didn’t break out. As it is, the Prague Derby still makes the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry look friendly.

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