Baseball Is Back, and So Are the Drunken Dancing Fans (Video)

drunk dancing yankees fan

Drunk dancing baseball fans are back. Thank goodness.

Of course, you can see drunk fans dancing like idiots at lots of different sporting events—hockey games, basketball games, football games, you name it. But no sport produces as many drunk dancing fans as baseball. I don’t know what it is.

Actually, that’s not true. I do know what it is about baseball: it’s a slow game. There’s literally a pause between every single play, then those pauses are divided up into groups, and there are pauses between those (i.e. innings). It’s just one pause after another. So, up in the stands, once they get full of beer and nachos, it’s only natural for fans to want to fill those pauses with something. And often that something is dancing. (Though not always.)

Today’s drunk dancing baseball fan, our first of the 2013 MLB Season, comes to us from the Bronx. He’s got a long luxurious mane of silky hair, and his moves are pretty embarrassing.

Have a look:

You’ll notice that this guy doesn’t seem to be sitting with anybody at the game. I doubt that is a coincidence.

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