Chandler Parsons Thinks Blake Griffin May Be Wanted By The Police

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The Clippers’ Blake Griffin and the Rockets’ Chandler Parsons have a very interesting relationship. They’re not from the same home town, and they didn’t play college ball together, but the two appear to be friends. And publicly, at least, their friendship pretty much consists entirely of the two giving each other sh*t on Twitter.

Back in September, Griffin named his dog, “Chaney Griffin,” after Parsons, a fact both of them confirmed on Twitter. Then in December, the two engaged in some back-and-forth ribbing. Parsons made fun of a pic of Griffin and Ronny Turiaf, saying they looked like they were from Zoolander; Griffin responded by making fun of Parsons’s tan; Parsons shot back by making fun of Griffin’s hair; and then Griffin got the last word, telling Parsons he saw him in a commercial for Axe body spray.

Then came “Ball-Gate” back in February. Griffin gave Parsons a pat on the nads after a game, and Chandler Tweeted a video of the incident at Deadspin, who made sure the world learned all about Griffin’s ball-patting ways.

So yeah, these guys have an interesting friendship.

The latest incident between them? This week Parsons tweeted a police sketch of a man wanted in Florida and said it looked like Griffin. Not long afterword he deleted the tweet, realizing that was probalby taking things a bit too far, but of course, nothing goes away on the internet.

chandler parsons thinks blake griffin looks like wanted man rim strangler

What do you think? Did Parsons take it a bit too far?

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