This Clip of Jay Onrait Making Fun of Alex Ovechkin Is Why We Love Canadian SportsCentre (Videos)

sportscentre ovechkin top ten joke

In America there’s SportsCenter. In Canada, there’s SportsCentre.

Notice the difference? On the surface it’s small—the former is spelled with an “er” at the end and the other is spelled with an “re.” However, the real difference actually goes a little deeper than that.

You see, while they like to keep things pretty loose on America’s SportsCenter, on Canada’s SportsCentre things are even looser. The show’s primary anchors, Dan O’Toole and Jay Onrait aren’t just sports reporters who can make funny quips while showing you sports highlights. They’re actually improvisational comedians. And quite often, things get downright wacky.

Take this clip from yesterday’s show, for example. While introducing a Top Ten list of Alexander Ovechkin’s best goals, they took a clip of Ovie looking goofy and then…well, just see for yourself:

Now that’s journalism!

But what’s that? You want more examples of Canadian SportsCentre hijinks? Sure. How about this clip of Jay Onrait throwing down some innuendo about penis size:

Or this clip of Jay and Dan making fun of their producer:

Or maybe this one in which Jay Onrait is “interrupted” by footage of a hilariously cheesy 80s Canadian TV show:

Like I said, those crazy Canucks know how to keep things pretty loose on the set of SportsCentre Canada.

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