Did Two NFL Prospects Trash Their Hotel Room at the 2013 NFL Scouting Combine?

dendre hopkins and mark harrison - trashed hotel room at nfl combine

If you thought it was offensive that some NFL teams reportedly asked certain prospects about the sexual orientation, imagine how awkward it’s going to be in the future when they ask them, “do you have the tendency to trash hotel rooms and throw urine and feces all over the place?”

Yahoo! Sports recently reported that a hotel room used by two prospects at the NFL combine back in February was left “in bad condition.” Now, however, NFL sources have revealed that “bad condition” means the room was trashed, with partially eaten food left on the bed, toothpaste smeared on the bathroom mirror, and urine and feces smeared throughout the rest of the bathroom. Moreover, we now know who stayed in that room: Clemson wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins and Rutgers wide receiver Mark Harrison.

Obviously, they both insist they had nothing to do with it. Hopkins, for his part, has a pretty good alibi if it checks out. He says he left before Harrison, and that the bellman came to the room to help carry his bags. Thus, if the room had been trashed already, one can assume the bellman would have noticed.

Harrison, unfortunately, doesn’t have an excuse like that. However, he does have the backing of his former coach at Rutgers, Kyle Flood, who said trashing a room like that would be absolutely out of character.

Harrison also apparently has the backing of NFL insiders, too. According to ESPN, some NFL sources said the league doesn’t believe Harrison was responsible for the damage.

So who does that leave? Who knows. Maybe these guys stiffed the housecleaning staff and they tried to frame them. I’m sure the authorities will get to the bottom of it, though.

Hat Tip – [ESPN]

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