Feel-Good Story: Reds’ Todd Frazier Hits a Home Run For Bat Boy With Down Syndrome (Video)

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With all of the talks about bombings, shootouts and manhunts dominating the day’s news, I bet many of you sure could use a heart-warming, feel-good story right about now.  Well here it is.

It comes to us courtesy of the Cincinnati Reds and one of their biggest fans, Ted Kremer.  You see, Teddy, 29, has Down syndrome, and last year his parents won him a prize to be a Reds bat boy at a silent auction.  So on August 17 of last season, Teddy took on the roll of Reds Bat Boy, and performed admirably.  As a result. the Reds asked him to come back and act as their bat boy for last night’s game against the Miami Marlins.  Teddy accepted the invitation, but this time he had a couple of requests for the Reds players.

First, he asked their pitching staff for eleven strikeouts so that the fans could win free pizza, and they delivered.

Then, he asked Todd Frazier to hit him a home run, and the Reds’ third baseman also delivered.  Needless to say, it made Teddy a very happy man.

Check it out:

A two-run homer during a 9-1 game is rarely something worth getting excited about, but not in this instance—especially for the man who hit it, as Frazier had the following to say after the game:

“It was great how excited — that look,” Frazier said. “I started smiling even before I hit home plate because I knew it. They said he forgot to pick the bat up, so the umpire was yelling at him. It was such a great a great guy. You can’t get mad — even if you have a terrible day. How can you be mad when you’ve got a guy like that around?”

Thanks Frazier, not only for putting a smile on Teddy’s face, but for putting one on ours as well.

If you’d like to know more about Ted Kremer’s story, click here.

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