Umpire Balk! Bill Miller Goes to Punch Out Batter, then Changes Mind and Calls a Ball (Video)

umpire fakes out players with fake punchout

Every baseball umpire worth his salt has a good punchout move that he busts out after a big strikeout. These little sprinkles of theatricality add character to the game, and pretty much everybody loves them—including the umpires themselves.

Unfortunately, from time to time you’ll come across an umpire who loves doing his punchout move a little too much, and that causes him to jump the gun a bit and call a ball a strike. If he’s lucky, he can check his zeal before it’s too late and stop mid punchout; however, even if he does that, he’ll still piss everybody off and look like an idiot.

On that note, meet umpire Bill Miller. During yesterday’s Cubs-Rangers game at Wrigley Field, Miller started to call strike three on Cubs batter Carlos Villanueva, then he changed his mind.

It was…weird.

Take a look:

On a side note, how about that mustache Carlos V is rocking? Nice ‘stache, buddy. You’re looking like a baseball hipster.

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