The 9 Most Memorable Sports-Related Tributes To Boston


In case you just haven’t gotten enough coverage of the Boston Marathon bombing and the fallout, we’ve got some good news and bad news. Bad news first: This is a list of nine tributes to the tragedy and its victims, so if you’re sick of the coverage, or want to take a break from the constant reminders of sadness and suffering, that’s completely understandable. Here’s something that could take your mind to a happier place.

However, if you are inclined to witness the outreach, and remember along with the participants of these tributes, then this might serve you well. Among many other groups, the sporting world has taken to heart the effects and fallout from Monday afternoon, and though the perpetrators appear to be caught, a cloud will continue to loom at sporting events, knowing that they have once and will continue again to appear on the hit list of terrorists looking to maximize human suffering, but the spectacle of it as well.

In the wake of the events, many, especially in the world of sports, seek closure and comfort during this time. And though you can debate the efficacy of the saturation of coverage, as benevolent as it is, many are touched by the gestures that have been made over the past week.

Here are nine that we feel do as much justice as possible to the victims and heroes of Patriots Day 2013 in Boston. Rather than offer up out own interpretations of how or why we feel these were picked, we’ll simply give a little backstory, and leave any further interpretations the our readers.

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