Runner Collides With Wheelchair Athlete During London Marathon (Video)

london marathon wheelchair crash

Despite the events that unfolded at the Boston Marathon less than one week earlier, the London Marathon still took place on Sunday, as planned.  And while most news outlets will tell you that the event went off without  incident, that’s not entirely true.

You see, the 2013 London Marathon may have come and gone without a single act of terrorism committed against those involved in it, but there was still one notable “incident” that came from this race.  It occurred next to a feeding station at the 15km point of the course, as Olympic champion Tiki Gelana of Ethiopia collided hard with Canadian wheelchair athlete Josh Cassidy.

With several wheelchair athletes traveling at high speeds as they passed the leading group of women, Cassidy simply couldn’t avoid Gelana, who had made a sudden move towards the drinking station before coming into contact with the Canadian’s front wheel.

Check it out:

Cassidy was unable to recover following the accident, as he finish the race in 20th, nearly 11 minutes behind the winner, Kurt Fearnley. As for Gelena, she continued running, but eventually had to withdraw due to injuries to her legs and right ankle, and a broken shoelace.

Cassidy voiced his disapproval following the race, stating that he feels the wheelchair athletes should be allowed to start the race before the elite female marathoners so that they do not have to pass them, thus avoiding these types of accidents in the future; however, he made it quite clear that he does not blame Gelena or the organization for the accident.

We’ll see if this “incident” is enough to bring about a change from the London Marathon organizers before we witness another high-speed collision between a runner and a wheelchair athlete.

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