University of Nebraska-Omaha Player Performs Great Escape During a Rundown (Video)

nebraska-omaha player eludes rundown

When a baseball player gets caught in a rundown, it is probably fair to assume that about 95% of the time they will get caught, resulting in an out.  As for the five percent that get away, four percent are likely the result of an error by a defensive player, while the other one percent is the result of a miraculous escape maneuver by the runner.

The play you are about to watch by Tyler Splichal of the University of Nebraska-Omaha during a recent game against Oakland University would certainly fall within that one percent, as he ducked for cover while being chased down by the opposing catcher, eluding the tag in the process before making is home safely.

Check it out:

While most have been giving props to Splichal for his crafty move, I’m going to take the time to credit the home plate umpire for making the right call on this close play at the plate.  After all, if he had (wrongly) called him out, we wouldn’t be taking about Splichal’s elusiveness today.

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