Boxing Fans Fight in the Parking Lot After Alvarez-Trout (Video)

boxing fans fight after alvarez-trout

The super welterweight championship bout between Canelo Alvarez and Austin Trout at the Alamodome in San Antonio this past Saturday had a pretty interesting storyline. Alvarez already held the WBC title and he was looking to win the WBA title as well—a title that his own brother, Rigoberto Alvarez, lost to Trout back in 2011. So when Alvarez did win the WBA title from Trout, he said the victory was for his brother, then he handed him the belt right there in the ring afterward. It was a touching story of brotherly love.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t much brotherly love to go around outside the ring, as some fans decided to have a little boxing match of their own outside the Alamodome after the main event.

So do boxing fans fight better than other sports fans? Well yes, actually. At first this skirmish looks like it’s just going to amount to nothing more than some drunken pushing and shoving, with the main combatants just threatening to fight each other for a good 40 seconds. But then one of them finally throws a punch, and a genuine amateur boxing match breaks out. In fact, at one point (1:19) a spectator wearing a sombrero and a Mexican flag for a cape even steps in and acts as the referee.

Have a look for yourself:

The guy in the white shirt definitely favors his right hand a bit too much, but all in all that was some pretty decent form for a couple of drunks. You can tell they watch a lot of boxing.

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