Darrelle Revis Threw Out the First Pitch at the Rays-Yankees Game, and He Didn’t Blow It (Video)

darrelle revis first pitch rays game

Throwing out a ceremonial first pitch sounds like it would be a cool thing to do, but it’s actually just a really elaborate way to embarrass yourself. If you mess up, a whole stadium full of people will laugh at you in person. Then you’ll get home, turn on your computer, discover that you’re on the internet, and that everyone is laughing at you there, too.

The threat of embarrassment is even higher for professional athletes. If you’re just a stupid actor or something, nobody expects you to be any good. But if you play sports for a living, people are going to expect you to be halfway decent. If you’re not, you’ll just end up hurting your rep…right, Denard Robinson?

This being the case, you have to respect Darrelle Revis. On Sunday, the the All-Pro cornerback was traded from the New York Jets to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for the 13th overall pick in the NFL draft, and on Monday he flew in to Tampa to meet his new bosses. Then, with his whole life in flux, the guy agreed to throw out the first pitch at the Rays game against—who else?—the New York Yankees, setting himself up for potential humiliation in front of fans from his new city and fans from his old one.

But what did Revis do? The guy threw a solid strike right down the middle. Take a look:

That’s how you get off to a good start in a new town. Have fun playing for not-the-Jets, Darrelle.

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