Padres Fan Makes Awesome Diving Catch on Home Run Ball (Videos)

padres fan makes amazing catch on home run ball

With each passing week, that guy who let the home run ball hit his girlfriend in Arizona is looking worse and worse. First he got shown up by the Reds fan who caught the home run ball one-handed while holding his kid. Then he got shown up by the Astros fan who caught the home run ball in his bucket of popcorn. Now the D-Backs fan has been shown up by a Padres fan.

What did this Padres fan do? He made an awesome diving grab—barehanded, no less—on a long bomb by the Brewers’ Yuniesky Betancourt last night at Petco Park in San Diego. Take a look:

Of course, the Brewers’ announcers are so busy talking about how amazing Yuniesky Betancourt is that they almost don’t even notice the amazing catch. However, the Padres’ broadcast crew was on the ball and they sent somebody out to left field to interview the guy.

Here is what he had to say about his memorable grab:

You gotta hand it to the San Diego broadcast team. They always get the scoop.

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