Hardcore Baltimore Orioles Fan Has Orioles Logo Painted on His Prosthetic Leg (Video)

orioles fan prosthetic leg

Most fans show dedication to their team by wearing hats and jerseys. Some go so far as to put team flags on their cars and decorate the front of their houses. And occasionally, some even go all-in and get tattoos of team logos or franchise icons on their bodies.

You know what you very rarely see, though? A guy with his favorite team’s colors and logo painted on his prosthetic leg. It’s not just rare because prosthetic legs themselves are relatively rare. It’s also rare because prosthetic legs cost somewhere between $5,000 and $30,000. For that reason, people are hesitant to decorate these things with anything too bold, because it’s not like you can just get a new leg when you get tired of it.

And that’s what makes Baltimore Orioles fan Robert Pollack special. After losing his leg in a forklift accident years ago, the now-50-year-old decided to have his prosthetic leg painted Orioles black and orange. Why? Well, he’s a big fan who goes to about 40 games each year. But also, you know, “for the kids,” because “they love it.”

Take a look:

Now that’s commitment to your team. Beat that!

Incidentally, according to the Baltimore Sun, Pollack also took part in open tryouts to be an Orioles ballboy this year along with 86 other people. Unfortunately, the Orioles passed up a huge PR opportunity by not selecting him. Could you imagine how awesome it would have been to see that guy snagging balls down the first base line?

Maybe next year, Robert.

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