Chris Bosh Plays an Evil Space Prince from Another Dimension in This Animated Short Film (Video)

chris bosh evil space prince

Would you be interested in watching an animated short film in which Miami Heat power forward Chris Bosh is portrayed as an evil space prince-turned-superhero on an “Odyssean journey through neon-hued space” to save the human race from an evil space sorceress?

If yes, then you’re in luck. A Miami-based artist collective called Bleeding Palm produced just such a film for the indie Borscht Film Festival. It was supposed to be released back in December, but when Chris Bosh’s representatives got wind of it they sent Bleeding Palm a cease and desist letter claiming the film constituted an “unauthorized misappropriation of an individual’s name or image for a commercial purpose.” And despite the fact that Bleeding Palm didn’t admit to taking the letter seriously—they posted this on their website—the letter actually did result in a bunch of back-and-forth negotiations between Bleeding Palm, the Borsch Film Festival, the NBA, and Bosh’s people.

Now, however, all the legal issues have been settled, and the film is out.

Want a more thorough plot synopsis before committing to watching this 11-minute masterpiece? Well, here is how Janie Campbell of HuffPost Miami described it:

See, back in the day and worlds away, Bosh’s father (filmmaker Barry Jenkins) made a last stand against the evil sorceress Jillian (artist Jillian Mayer), and was only defeated when distracted at the last second by his tag-along son. Jillian and Bosh then both fell through a wormhole, where she landed in a far-off Geocities prison only to plot a break-out by stealing time from distracted humans via various Internet time-wasters. And Bosh, as we know, landed in Texas and 20 years later was playing for the Heat, consumed with guilt about his father’s death and reading books like “Living With Not Living Up To Expectations.” When Mystic Wolfman Barfar arrived in Miami to convince Bosh he was the only hope for defeating Jillian and saving the multiverse, well, let’s just say that abdominal injury Bosh suffered in the Eastern Conference Semifinals wasn’t what it seemed — and you won’t believe who saves his bacon in the end.

So are you ready to watch The Adventures of Christopher Bosh in the Multiverse? Then here you go:

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