Maple Leafs Fan Creates Online Petition to Turn the CN Tower into the World’s Largest Goal Light


Until this season, the Toronto Maple Leafs hadn’t made the playoffs since 2003-04. That’s seven seasons and eight years (thanks to the lockout of 2004-05) since they have played hockey in May in Toronto.

So how did the most valuable franchise in the NHL commemorate their return to the postseason? Did they thank their loyal fans for sticking with them through all those lean years? They sure did! BY RAISING TICKET PRICES FOR THE PLAYOFFS BY 75%. You’re welcome, Toronto!

Real classy move, Leafs.

Anyway, now that the average Maple Leafs fan would have to take out a second mortgage to buy playoff tickets, most will be looking for ways to celebrate playoff hockey outside the Air Canada Centre. And one brilliant fan had a rather brilliant idea: turn the 1,815-foot CN Tower into the worlds biggest goal light.

A guy by the name of Scott Booth had the idea a few weeks ago, inspired by a recent Budweiser Canada marketing campaign selling in-home, WIFI-enabled goal lights that go off within seconds of a goal being scored by your favorite team. He thought, why not have the CN Tower turn into a flashing red light whenever the Leafs score a goal in the playoffs? The thing is already lit with thousands of LED lights. All they would need to do is program it.

So Booth created a petition at, which I’m sure is the exact kind of thing the creators of figured their website would be used for. As of 8:00 AM ET on April 24, that petition has 12,719 signatures.

Think this is a good idea? Then go sign the petition yourself.

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