2013 NBA Playoffs Cheerleader Power Rankings

NBA playoffs 2013 cheerleaders (nba cheerleader rankings) 2

We’ve tried to get you interested in the 2013 NBA Playoffs by telling you about the big storylines, and by giving you a little lesson in the history of NBA playoff upsets. Ultimately, however, if you don’t really have a team to root for, whether it’s because the team in your area sucks (sorry, Charlotte) or because there is no team in your area (sorry, St. Louis), it’s hard to get into it. Today, however, we’re going to help you find a team to root for by ranking the cheerleading squads of all 16 teams in the playoffs. If the sharp shooting of Stephen Curry or the monster dunks of Blake Griffin don’t spark any allegiance in you, maybe some gorgeous women in flattering uniforms will. So take a look, and tell us which team you’re rooting for.