Somebody Stole a Five-Foot Plaque Commemorating Barry Bonds’ 756th Home Run Right Off a Wall at AT&T Park

barry bonds plaque at&t park before

Are you one of the many baseball fans who do not consider Barry Bonds to be the legitimate home run king of baseball? Would you like to see the utterly insane, roid-fueled home run totals the guy posted in the twilight of his career—346 home runs hit from ages 25-34, 351 hit from ages 35-43—erased from our collective memory?

Well, why don’t you do something about it? Somebody else in San Francisco did.

Earlier this week, someone stole a giant five-foot plaque commemorating the dirty cheater’s 756th career home run—right off the brick wall out in center field at AT&T Park.

How in the hell does a five-foot plaque go missing from the center field wall of a stadium that has seen 134 consecutive sellouts? Why that’s a very good question. Unfortunately, no one has the answer. One day it was there, mocking baseball history, and the next day it was gone.

barry bonds plaque at&t park after

So what would you do with the plaque? Hang it on the wall in your basement? Try to sell it? Take a dump on it and light it on fire?

Well, whoever “stole” it apparently did none of those things. According to one Giants fan who tweeted Yahoo! Sports blog, “Big League Stew,” some fans saw the thing in pieces in a dumpster…right there at the ballpark. Obviously, that’s just the word of one person, but if true you would think it could be corroborated by someone.

In any case, on Tuesday Giants spokesperson Staci Slaughter said the team is totally clueless. “We’re not sure what happened,” she said. “We’re reviewing the video, but haven’t found anything yet.”

Hello, conspiracy theorists? Are you reading this? Even I think this explanation is fishy. How do your video cameras not catch somebody chiseling a five-foot plaque off a wall?

Stay tuned to this bizarre story.

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