Umpire John Hirschbeck Gets Hit in the Nuts by a Pitch. Again. (Video)

mlb umpire john hirshbeck hit in nuts

Poor MLB umpires. The only time they ever get an ovation from the crowd is after they get hit in the nuts by a fastball.

Last night the Texas Rangers were in Anaheim taking on the Angels, and things unraveled pretty quickly for Angels starter Michael Roth, who was making his first career start. After giving up a couple of runs and loading the bases again with just one out, the kid got the hook. Then, relief pitcher David Carpenter came in and gave up a walk, a single, another walk and a home run, resulting in a nine-run inning for the Rangers.

So Scoscia went out and made another change, this time bringing in reliever Nick Maronde. Maronde was able to escape the 4th inning without giving up any more runs. However, he did walk A.J. Pierzynski, and in doing so, he plunked umpire John Hirschbeck right in the junk.

Take a look:

The fans, of course, gave Hirschbeck a nice ovation once he was able to sit up again. Little did they know, however, that the guy was all too familiar with the pain that comes from getting hit in the nuts by a fast ball. The same damn thing happened to him two years ago.

And you think you’ve got bad luck.

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