Kansas City Chiefs Fans Were Really Excited About Drafting OT Eric Fisher (GIF)

excited chiefs fan

The first round of the 2013 NFL Draft didn’t feature a lot of “sexy” picks. The NFL is all about explosive passing offenses these days, but there is a dearth of high-end quarterbacks in this year’s class. For that reason, teams looked to add players who could protect the quarterbacks they have or attack the ones their opponents have—meaning the first seven picks were all gigantic linemen.

So with the first pick in the draft, as you probably know, the Kansas City Chiefs chose Central Michigan offensive tackle Eric Fisher, a 6’7″ 306-pound behemoth. Was he a good pick? Absolutely. The guy is remarkably agile for his size, and he should continue to get stronger. It’s hard to go wrong with that kind of pick.

That being said, Fisher is no Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin III. He’s not going to throw touchdown passes or elude defenders or make any exciting plays whatsoever. You know, because he’s an offensive tackle. So most Chiefs fans are probably very satisfied, but not terribly excited.

Not this guy, though. He’s totally pumped:

“Yeaaaaaah baby! Left tackle! Whooooooooo!”

You go, Wilford Brimley.

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