Nats Pitcher Gio Gonzalez and Attractive Sideline Reporter Julie Alexandria Get Doused with Gatorade (Video)

gio gonzalez gatorade shower

Last night the Washington Nationals’ Gio Gonzalez threw a one-hitter against the potent Cincinnati Reds. What did his teammates think of the accomplishment? Well, they deemed it worthy of a Gatorade shower.

Thus, after the game, while Gonzalez was being distracted—err, interviewed—by attractive Nationals sideline reporter Julie Alexandria, a couple of his teammates crept up all ninja-like with a giant bucket of orange Thirst Quencher™ and gave them both a victory bath.

In case you were wondering, though, the Nationals’ guys apparently warned Alexandria before hand. So she was mentally prepared.

Here’s the video:

Is that Julie Alexandria a pro or what? She knew it was going to happen, but didn’t let on. Then she took her medicine, toweled off, and resumed the interview. That’s good journalism.

Of course, I would have enjoyed the interview a lot more if, after the Gatorade shower, she asked Gio Gonzalez about why he thinks his name was linked to the Anthony Bosch PED scandal. But I guess you can’t do it all in one interview. Maybe next time.

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