Rick Pitino Makes Good on Promise to Players, Gets Louisville Championship Tattoo (Pics)

rick pitino louisville national championship tattoo

After the Louisville Cardinals lost an epic, emotionally-draining quintuple-overtime game to Notre Dame back in February, Rick Pitino made a promise to his crestfallen players: if they won the last seven games of the regular season, the Big East Tournament, and then the National Championship, he would get a tattoo commemorating the achievement.

Well, right after their big victory three weeks ago, the Louisville Cardinals players were already talking about what kind of tattoo their coach should get. Chane Behanan said the coach should get a tattoo of his name, and the heavily-tattooed Peyton Silva suggested a nice Louisville Cardinals tramp stamp.

In the end, while Pitino didn’t go with any of those suggestions, he did follow through on his promise:

rick pitino tattoo

Who could have imagined 17 years ago that the same guy who led the Kentucky Wildcats to their first National Championship in two decades would end up with the logo of in-state rival Louisville on his back?

In any case, you have to hand it to coach Pitino—he is a man of his word. Unless, of course, we’re talking about the word he gave to his wife when they got married; that he would not cheat on her with the wife on an employee in the bathroom of a Louisville restaurant. That word he did not make good on.

Hat Tip – [USA Today]

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