Three-Legged Gator Interrupts Play During Zurich Classic at TPC Louisiana (Videos)

stumpy the three-legged alligator tps louisiana

Think your local golf course has some nasty hazards? Try playing golf in Louisiana and dealing with the alligators.

Just two days ago, correspondant Fred Albers wrote a nice little piece about the upcoming Zurich Classic golf tournament being held at TPC Louisiana. In that piece, he told a little story about a particular gator that used to live in the pond between the 16th and 17th holes—a gator that everyone lovingly called “Stumpy” or “Tripod” because, obviously, he had just three legs. According to Albers, Stumpy was “relocated” by wildlife control officers after some fans started messing with him a few years ago, and nobody has seen him since.

Well, guess what! Stumpy the three-legged alligator has returned!

Yesterday, during the opening round of the Zurich Classic, he made his way up onto the fairway and caused a slight delay in the action.

Take a look:

At most golf clubs, the fairway marshall just has to make sure everyone keeps playing at a steady pace. At TPC Louisiana, however, that task involves gator wrangling.

I wonder if they get hazard pay?

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