Legendary Boxing Promoter Don King Gets Into Post-Match Fight Outside the Ring (Video)

don king fights with somebody outside ring after bout

Good old Don King is much more than just a legendary boxing promoter with a funny haircut and colorful vocabulary. He’s also a former bookie who killed two people—one who was robbing him, another who owed him $600—before he became an American icon. So while he might seem like a harmless circus clown, the reality is you probably don’t want to mess with the guy—not even at the ripe old age of 81. He’s still pretty feisty.

On Saturday night, after Bermane Stiverne beat Chris Arreola (actual name) with authority in a WBC title eliminator, HBO was trying to interview Stiverne when their cameras caught the guy’s promoter, Don King, getting involved in a minor altercation while leaving the ring. It’s unclear who, exactly, the octogenarian had a beef with. It could have been the woman with the lanyard standing right in front of him, or she could have been some sort of security official trying to keep King away from somebody else. But it is perfectly clear that King was not pleased.

Then he jumped down from the ring, right into the middle of the interview, and had a witty clip all ready to go.

Take a look:

Don King: still crazy after all these years.

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