Ilya Bryzgalov Gives One Last Legendary Interview to Philadelphia Reporters Before His Departure (Video)

ilya bryzgalov press conference

Back when the Flyers were Eastern Conference contenders and the subjects of HBO’s popular 24/7 documentary series, the long-and-winding sound bites we got from their wacky goalie, Ilya Bryzgalov, were positive. Sometimes he would wax philosophic about the nature of the cosmos. Other times he would joke about his fear of bears. But he almost always had a sunny disposition.

These days? Not so much. Last season ended on a pretty sour note for the “eccentric” netminder, and that just snowballed into a totally abysmal season in 2013. Bryzgalov was awful, his attitude soured, he lost interest, the Flyers missed the playoffs, and pretty much every sportswriter or commentator in Philly blames him.

Now, though it’s still unofficial, everyone knows there is a 0% chance that the goalie with the nine-year $51,000,000 contract will be back in a Flyers uniform next season. So when reporters gathered around the guy for one last interview, he didn’t hold anything back, asking the reporters what they have done for the city of Philadelphia and lecturing them about journalistic professionalism.

It’s all pretty awkward…until one reporter manages to lighten the mood at the 3:10 mark.

Have a look for yourself, and note the guy to the left of Bryzgalov trying to suppress his laughter for the first 45 seconds:

You have to hand it to Ilya. Even when he’s feeling persecuted, he can still appreciate a good joke.

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