Lakers Fan Really Into Heckling San Antonio’s Matt Bonner (Video)

spurs matt bonner heckled by lakers fan

What is an NBA fan to do when his team of high-priced underachieving superstar players is on the verge of getting swept right out of the first round of the playoffs? Well, for one Lakers fan on Sunday, the answer to that question was “heckle the Spurs’ Matt Bonner without mercy.”

Why Matt Bonner? The guy isn’t exactly a superstar, or even one of the more famous players on his team. The Spurs have Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili, and now even Tracy McGrady, fresh off a season of playing ball in China. Wouldn’t any of those players make better targets for heckling?

Well, you would think. But Bonner is, in his own way, more interesting than any of those guys—though not nearly as talented. For one, he’s a backup center who can sink three-pointers, which is pretty unique. And on top of that, he’s got much better nicknames. During his time in Toronto, the guy picked up monikers like “The Red Rocket” and “Red Mamba” on account of his hair. So I guess Bonner kind of stands out.

Anyway, take a look and a listen:

Of course, if I were this Lakers fan—and this season, thank God I’m not—I would have been heckling my own team rather than a guy on the other team who scores 4.2 points per game. But hey, that’s just me.

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