Tampa Bay Rays Sideline Reporter Kelly Nash Captures Near-Death Experience with Selfie, Posts It on Instagram (Photo)

Of all people, you would expect a professional sideline reporter to understand how important it is to never turn your back to the play. If these people aren’t taking beatings themselves, they’re doing interviews with people who did. But apparently some folks just like to throw caution to the wind.

You can include Kelly Nash of Sun Sports on that list of surprisingly careless sidelines reporters. On Saturday, the Rays sideline reporter was in Boston working on a feature for a future Rays broadcast, even though the Rays weren’t in town. During a break in her reporting, she decided to go up on Fenway Park’s famous Green Monster and take a selfie for all of her Twitter and Instagram followers… during batting practicewith her back to the batters box.

So did she get hit by a long ball? No, but almost. And it just so happens that, while taking her selfie, Nash inadvertently caught the near-death experience on film—or, well, on micro SD card, or whatever.

Then she posted the photo on her Twitter feed:

kelly nash selfie ball almost hits head

Of course, with the internet being populated by an infinite number of doubters and haters, some people almost immediately claimed that this image was photoshopped. After all, Nash herself claimed that she didn’t even realize a ball had come that close to her head until afterward, when she was looking at her photos—and that seems kind of unbelievable.

On the other hand, it seems very unlikely that a woman with a bright future in sports journalism ahead of her would risk it all by perpetrating a hoax that could easily be proven false by a bunch of CSI computer geeks. So I, for one, believe her story…and the story of the guy who was standing next to her at the time and says he saw the whole thing. But mostly, I believe her.

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