The Likelihood of Each of the 16 NHL Playoff Teams Winning the Cup

2013 stanley cup playoffs - stanley cup odds

After a strange, lockout-shortened regular season, the 2013 Stanley Cup Playoffs get underway Tuesday night. So who will win the greatest championship tournament in pro sports? Well, I personally am against making straight forward predictions. One of the best things about sports and one of the reasons we get so worked up about it is “you never know.” So why try to pretend that you do know?

That being said, I have no problem talking about “probabilities.” Saying this or that team is not very likely to win isn’t being cocky or trying to ruin the fun of sports. If anything, it makes the uncertainty of the playoffs that much more fun. I mean, would the victory of Florida Gulf Coast over Georgetown have been as exciting as it was if the teams didn’t have numbers (#15 and #2 respectively) assigned to them? No, I don’t think so. The teams’ likelihood of winning was assessed before hand, and when the expected didn’t happen our excitement was that much greater.

That’s how I’d like you to approach today’s list. It’s not a set of predictions, but rather an attempt to say which teams have the best chance of winning. If I’m wrong, that’s fantastic, because it means we were all treated to an upset. And who doesn’t love upsets?


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