20 Longest Active Playoff Streaks in Pro Sports

longest active playoff streaks

Earlier this year, the Miami Heat fell just six games short of breaking the NBA’s record for longest winning streaks. Was that an impressive accomplishment? Absolutely it was. A team doesn’t win 27 games in a row without being extremely deep and talented. However, while you wouldn’t expect them to put together another historic winning streak like that any time soon, in theory, at least, another streak could begin at any time. And that mitigates the heartbreak for Heat fans.

However, not all sports streaks are like that. Consider, for example, a postseason appearance streak. It doesn’t just take a good team to build one of those; it takes a good franchise. And when the streak ends, you can’t just start another one the next day. You have to wait a whole season just to get the opportunity…then another whole season…then another…and another.

For that reason, playoff appearance streaks are pretty special and ought to be appreciated. And to that end, with both the NBA and NHL playoffs now underway, we’re going to take a look at the longest active streaks in pro sports.



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