Carlos Delfino Posterized Kevin Durant (Video)

carlos delfino posterize kevin durant

Kevin Durant is usually the one posterizing other NBA players, but on Monday night, during Game 4 of the Oklahoma City Thunder’s first-round playoff series against the Houston Rockets, the tables were turned.

And if Kevin Durant being posterized wasn’t already surprising enough for you, just wait until you hear who that someone was: None other than the 6’6″ shooting guard from Argentina, Carlos Delfino.

Don’t believe me?  Take a look:

And that wasn’t the only case in which the “tables were turned” last night in Houston, as the Rockets also defeated the Thunder for the first time this series, keeping their season alive for at least one more game in the process.

As for Durant, he would exact some revenge on Delfino and three other Rockets players late in the fourth quarter, as he blew by all of them for a monster jam (which you can check out below).  But he’ll be hoping that the real retribution comes on Wednesday when the two teams return to OKC for Game 5.

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