Coach Chokes Referee, Fans Throw Stones at Linesman During Wild Soccer Match in Brazil (Video)

brazilian referee choked by coach

Sure, we may have posted a clip of a soccer referee attacking a player earlier today, but that is very rarely the case.  Usually, it is the referees that are the victims of the abuse, whether it be from the players, fans or coaches.  And that was just the case during the Copa Sul dos Campeões final in Brazil over the weekend.

With Internacional already leading São Defende by a score of 1-0, it seemed as though they would also be one man up on their opponents when one of their players was on the receiving end of a punch to the head.  But rather than issuing a red card to just the puncher, referee Edésio Weber decided to show the punchee a red card as well.  That was when the madness ensued.

While Edésio appeared to do his best to elude an ambush from the Inter players, he couldn’t escape the grasp of their coach, who proceeded to wrap his hands around the referee’s neck in an attempt to strangle him.

And that wasn’t all!  When the match finally resumed (yes, they somehow convinced the officials to carry on with the game, as if nothing had happened), a linesman was on the receiving end of a stone to the back and a beer shower from the disgruntled Internacional fans.  Pretty much, it was exactly what you would expect from an out-of-control Brazilian soccer match.

Check it out:

In the end, Internacional won the game by a score of 3-0, but really, who cares about that when there are referees getting choked and stoned, right?


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