ESPN Basketball Analyst Chris Broussard Heavily Criticized for Anti-Gay Comments (Video)

chris broussard espn anti-gay comments

Yesterday, journeyman NBA center Jason Collins made history by becoming the first athlete from one of the major pro sports leagues to come out as gay while still active. For the most part, the world reacted positively. Pretty much everyone in mainstream media praised the man’s courage, and some were going as far as calling him a hero.

Were there people who went the other way and expressed criticism of Collins’ so-called “lifestyle”? Of course there were. Not everyone is on board with the equal marriage rights movement, so you knew there were going to be dissenting voices.

However, you probably didn’t expect to hear them from a basketball analyst on ESPN.

On ESPN’s Outside the Lines, NBA contributor and former New York Times NBA beatwriter Chris Broussard offered up his personal opinions on homosexuality, and they sparked outrage across the internet. Take a look:

That whole “open rebellion to God” thing made a lot of people angry. Some simply criticized Broussard for raining on the Jason Collins love parade, but others were even calling for Broussard to be fired for his “offensive” statement.

Of course, the reality is that the man is entitled to have his opinion and he is entitled to express it. And you might even say it took courage for Broussard to express his beliefs when he knew it would draw criticism—though I in no way mean to imply that he is as courageous as Collins, for whom the stakes were much higher.

That being said, even if you think ESPN is a great forum for a discussion of social, moral, and religious values (it’s not), you would think they could at least bother to get someone who is an expert on those subjects and not, you know, a basketball analyst. When I flip over to ESPN, I don’t expect to hear the sports experts talk about the bible. But maybe that’s just me.

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