The Only Thing Real About Lingerie Football Are the Bone-Crushing Hits (Video)

ashley salerno LFL quarterback huge hit

The LFL is always putting sensational videos up on YouTube, and a lot of them come off as staged. There was, for example, that supposedly real (but probably fake) fight between coaches that somehow found it’s way to the web. And then, just a few weeks ago, there was that profanity-laced locker room tirade by another coach, the authenticity of which also seemed a little fishy. So, much like pro wrestling, it is sometimes difficult to tell what is real about lingerie football and what is fake.

However, there is one thing from the LFL that you know is totally 100% real: the hits. Those we see with our own naked eyes, and we can tell that the women are not, um, faking it.

The latest example comes from Ashley Salerno, quarterback of the Los Angeles Temptation. On Saturday night, during a game against the Chicago Bliss, Salerno absolutely pulverized Chicago’s Allie Bliss while trying to run the ball into the end zone for a point-after conversion. Then she dished out some foul-mouthed trash talk, just for good measure.

Take a look:

Many of the women in the LFL don’t seem like real athletes. But some are, and they apparently take their lingerie football a lot more seriously than the rest of us.

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