Mario Balotelli Says Real Madrid Can Sleep with His Hot Girlfriend if They Come Back Against Dortmund

mario balotelli girlfriend fanny neguesha

The semifinals of the 2013 UEFA Champions League pit two teams from Germany’s Bundesliga against two teams from Spain’s La Liga. Bayern Munich is taking on Barcelona; Borussia Dortmund is taking on Real Madrid.

You would have thought these would be competitive matchups. However, you would have been wrong. Last week, the Bundesliga sides absolutely obliterated the Spanish clubs. On Tuesday, Lionel Messi and Barcelona lost 4-0 to Thomas Mueller and Bayern. Then, on Wednesday, Cristiano Ronaldo and Real Madrid lost 4-1 to Dortmund.

So can the Spanish clubs turn things around and stage epic comebacks in the second legs of their semifinal competitions? Well, Real manager Jose Mourinho recently insisted that his squad can “turn it around.” But one of his most famous former players wasn’t so positive.

And yes, I’m talking about the one and only Mario Balotelli. The guy transferred from Manchester City to AC Milan this season and wasn’t even eligible to play for the Rossoneri during their Champions League loss to Barcelona. However, he has still managed to steal some Champions League headlines by doing something typically crazy: wagering his girlfriend that Real Madrid will lose.

The wager made two separate Spanish newspaper headlines:

balotelli girlfriend wager real madrid champions league
In case you don’t know Spanish, that quote says, “If Real Madrid come back in Champions League, I’ll let my girlfriend sleep with them!”

Mario’s girlfriend, by the way, is a woman named Fanny Neguesha, and she is kind of smoking hot. However, I’m going to assume that she probably hasn’t agreed to honor the terms of her BF’s wager. So the Real Madrid boys probably shouldn’t get their hopes up.

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