Russian Soccer Ref Attacks Player, Now Banned for Life (Video)

soccer linesman attacks player banned for life
When it comes to soccer, it’s not only the fans, or even the players, who sometimes go a little loco. Every once in a while, the refs lose their minds, too.

And no, I’m not just referring to blown calls. I’m talking about referees attacking players. It’s happened before, and now, in Russia, it’s happened again.

After the final whistle of a match in Grozny between Amkar Perm and the home team from Terek, a linesman by the name of Musa Kadyrov dropped his flag, ran out onto the field, and attacked an 18-year-old defender from the visiting team named Ilya Krichmar. Then some Terek players joined in.

What provoked the attack? Well, Krichmar admitted that he and his teammates had expressed criticism of the officiating, and Kadyrov for his part said Krichmar had insulted him—which is more than plausible. However, it’s hard to imagine what the guy could have said to necessitate this:

As a result of his actions, Chechen soccer officials have now banned Krichmar for life. That’s okay, though, because I’m sure the economy is thriving in Southern Russia, so he should have absolutely no problem finding other work.

Wait, scratch that. Apparently unemployment in Chechnya in 2012 was 30%. Yikes.

Hat Tip – [Daily Mail]

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