Danica Patrick Shoots and Scores During the Chicago Blackhawks’ “Shoot the Puck” Contest (Video)

danica patrick shoot the puck blackhawks game

Here’s a question for you: what do Danica Patrick and Mr. T have in common?

The obvious answer, of course, is “nothing at all.” One is a hot but somewhat underachieving female race car driver from Wisconsin, while the other is a burly black guy from the South Side of Chicago who got famous in the 80s for saying, “I pity the fool.”

However, there is one thing that connects these two celebrities: both have recently taken part in the Chicago Blackhawks’ “Shoot the Puck” contest during the 2nd period intermission of a Hawks game at the United Center. Mr. T did it back in March, and Danica did it last night during Game 1 of Chicago’s opening round playoff series against the Minnesota Wild.

Of course, Danica is a professional athlete (NASCAR drivers are athletes, aren’t they?).  In fact, according to Comcast reporter Susannah Collins, Danica is a “NASCAR superstar.” So you would expect her to fare better than Mr. T in the “Shoot the Puck” contest.

And, well, she did. Take a look:

Not bad, Danica. Nailed it on your first try, and played it cool like it’s no big deal. Not even Susannah Collins could do that. Did you hear her gasp when she realized the puck was going in the net?

Now, if only you could win a race.

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