Edwin Encarnacion Became Just the 14th Player to Hit a Home Run into the Upper Deck at the Rogers Centre in Toronto (Video)

edwin encarnacion upper deck home run

The Rogers Centre in Toronto is one of the last stadiums of its kind: a colossus multipurpose venue with perfect symmetry and an upper deck that’s about five stories high. They used to have joints like this in Philadelphia, Cincinnati, St. Louis and Pittsburgh, among others, but now the Rogers Centre (née SkyDome) is the only one.

One of the results of this evolution of MLB ballparks is that an “upper deck” home run just isn’t what it used to be. It used to be a gargantuan moonshot, back when the upper deck was in the stratosphere and about 425 feet away from home plate. However, in the newer, more “intimate” stadiums, the stands are closer to the field and the upper decks aren’t as high. Thus, an upper deck home run just isn’t as impressive at it used to be…except in Toronto.

And that brings us to Edwin Encarnacion. The guy knocked two home runs out of the park last night in Toronto’s 9-7 win over the visiting Boston Red Sox, and the first one was a throwback upper deck bomb.

Check out the majesty:

Until last night, only 13 players had ever hit a home run into the upper deck at the Rogers Centre in the stadium’s 25-year history. Now the number stands at 14.

Welcome to the club, Edwin. Jose Canseco will take your coat.

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