Wild’s Mike Rupp Breaks His Skate Blade, Hilarity Ensues (Video)

michael rupp broken skate blade

Mike Rupp‘s bone-crushing checks are enough to make any player a little wobbly on their skates.  He threw a total of six of them during Game One of the Wild’s first round playoff series against the Chicago Blackhawks last night, and wouldn’t you know it, his final check of the evening would actually leave Rupp himself unbalanced on the ice.

Rupp’s wobbly legs, however, were not the result of him being shaken up or injured during the collision.  Rather, the 6’5″, 243-pound forward couldn’t maintain his balance because he had lost his skate blade following his check on the Hawks’ Nick Leddy during the first overtime period.

With the puck deep in the Blackhawks’ zone, Rupp came in hard on the forecheck in an effort to apply pressure on Leddy, but after hitting his opponent, his skate collided with the end boards, causing the blade to dislodge.  And if you’ve ever tried to balance yourself on ice while wearing a skate with no blade, you already know it’s not easy.

As for those of you who haven’t, you’ll probably get the idea after watching Rupp’s hilarious struggle to stay on his feet and get to the Wild bench.  Check it out:

The Minnesota Wild players were able to have a laugh at Rupp’s expense, but it nearly came at their own expense as well, as the Blackhawks were almost able to take advantage of the shorthanded Wild on their ensuing break into the Minnesota zone.  Thankfully, Josh Harding was there to make the save and Rupp was eventually able to make it off the ice for a line change; however, they would go on to lose the game just five minutes later, when Bryan Bickell scored the overtime winner to give the Hawks the 1-0 series lead.

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