Stephen Curry Confronted a Heckling Fan After the Warriors’ Loss to the Nuggets Last Night (Video)

stephen curry altercation with fan

The Golden State Warriors had a stranglehold on the Denver Nuggets in their opening round series of the 2013 NBA Playoffs. Thanks in large part to the sharp-shooting Stephen Curry, who had more than 100 points and 40 assists in the first four playoff games of his career, Golden State jumped out to a 3-1 series lead and put all the pressure on Denver.

However, the Nuggets responded last night at the Pepsi Center, as they turned in a gritty, hard-nosed, and, some would say, dirty performance. Their game plan was something along the lines of “hack the crap out of Stephen Curry,” and it worked. Curry scored just 15 points, Denver won 107-100, and now they’re right back in this series.

As you would expect, Curry wasn’t too happy with how the game went, and afterward he wasn’t in the mood to take sh*t from anybody. So when a Denver Nuggets fan apparently said something to the banged-up Warrior as he was leaving the floor, Curry turned around and gave the kid an earful.

Actually, from the looks of it, he gave the kid three earfuls. Take a look for yourself:

You have to give credit to the TNT broadcast team here. That was some pretty good commentary on the situation. I especially like Barkley’s idea of every player getting to beat up one fan after every game. That would certainly tone down the heckling, wouldn’t it?

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