Turkish Soccer Player Scores Ridiculous Scorpion Volley Goal (Video)

scorpion kick volley goal turking soccer game

The scorpion kick is a soccer play that became famous when Colombian goalkeeper René Higuita did it in a friendly against England in 1995. What happens is this: you let the ball go over your head and behind your back, then you dive forward and kick the ball with the back of your heels—the way a scorpion stings its foe.

Is this a cool play? Absolutely. However, it’s also mostly useless. Higuita only did it because he very badly misjudged a ball coming toward his net. So you really only see the scorpion kick in actual competition once in a blue moon.

That being said, guess what color the moon is today?

That’s right. Today we have an awesome scorpion kick highlight for you. And the best part? It was both necessary and it scored a goal.

This scorpion goal comes to us from Turkey. A guy named Huseyin Akoglu from a team called Nazilli Belediyespor was streaking through the penalty box to receive a cross from his teammate, but the cross was behind him. So Akoglu dove, kicked his heals up, and deposited the ball into the back of the net.

Can you say “goal of the year”? Sure you can. Just try it. “Goal. Of. The. Year.”

Take a look:

Told you it was awesome.

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