18 GIFs of Sports Fans Flipping the Bird

sports fan flipping the bird giving the finger

Sports provide us with a nice diversion for the worries of everyday life, but of course sometimes we all get a little carried away. One bad call, one bone-headed play, or one epic flop, and all of a sudden we’re a bunch of angry douchebags doing things we would never do in “real” life. For example, when your co-workers piss you off, do you boo them? No, you don’t. And I bet you don’t give them the finger, either. But at sporting events such things are common.

Today we celebrate the insanity that sports inspires with this list of angry fans flipping the bird. If you yourself have been known to do this kind of thing from time to time, maybe this will make you think twice the next time you’re at the game…but I hope not. I really enjoy making fun of you when your antics find their way to the interwebz.

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