The 2014 World Cup in Brazil Will Feature the ‘Caxirola’ Instrument, Which Is Almost As Annoying As the Vuvuzela (Video)

caxirola brazil instrument 2014 world cup

Remember the vuvuzela, and how is drove you absolutely insane while trying to watch the 2010 FIFA World Cup? Well, that may have been annoying, but at least the instrument was a genuine part of South Africa’s indigenous musical heritage. The 2014 FIFA World Cup will be played in Brazil, and since they apparently don’t have any obnoxious indigenous musical instruments of their own, they decided to invent one just for the World Cup.

I know it sounds like I’m making this up, but I am not. The organizers of the 2014 World Cup wanted to create a “distinctive sound” for their event, just like the South Africans had for theirs, so they turned to Academy Award-nominated musician Carlinhos Brown, who helped write the music for Rio, and she came up with something they are calling the caxirola. It sounds like a cross between a rattle and a frottoir, which is that washboard-like percussion instrument.  And it looks like a cross between a hand grenade and brass knuckles. And yes, it is as stupid and annoying as it sounds.

See for yourself:

I think I speak for pretty much everyone when I say, is it too late to take the World Cup away from Brazil?

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