76ers Fans Are Going to LOVE This Video of Andrew Bynum Flamenco Dancing in Spain (Video)

andrew bynum flamenco dancing in spain

First it was bowling. Now it’s flamenco dancing. Apparently, either Andrew Bynum just doesn’t know how not to be a giant douche, or the guy just doesn’t care.

You know the story, right? Bynum was traded by the Lakers to the 76ers back in August. Everyone in Philadelphia was super excited. Then, a few days later, it was announced he was undergoing some precautionary non-invasive knee procedure in Germany. It was totally no big deal at all, and the fans in Philly didn’t need to worry.

Eventually November rolled around and Bynum still wasn’t playing competitive basketball. However, he was bowling. And while doing so he re-injured his knee. So that meant even more time out.

Then 2013 rolled around. Bynum still wasn’t playing, but he was working out…until one day he wasn’t. Not even Charles Barkley and Allen Iverson could convince Bynum to get his butt out on the court. And finally, it was announced that Bynum wouldn’t play at all in 2013. The centerpiece to the 76ers’ offseason plan was done without ever even starting.

Obviously, Bynum’s knees must be in really bad shape. Or at least you would think. However, they are not in such bad shape that the seven-foot dillhole can’t go flamenco dancing while vacationing in Spain during the NBA playoffs.

Oh, that’s right. Bynum was flamenco dancing in Spain this week, and the cafe at which twinkle toes busted his moves posted the video on f#@&ing Facebook!

See for yourself:

Here’s a little rule of thumb to keep in mind for the future, Andrew: IF YOU CAN’T PLAY BASKETBALL, YOU CAN’T DANCE. NO EXCEPTIONS. ASS.

Hat Tip – [Pro Basketball Talk]

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