Celtics’ Jordan Crawford Trash Talks Carmelo Anthony and His Wife Following Game 5 (GIF)

jordan crawford trash talking knicks

There are a lot of reasons for the Knicks and Celtics not to like each other, but perhaps the best reason has to do with a little feud between their biggest stars. Back in January, toward the end of a close game, Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Garnett had some sort of dispute that seemed to be sparked by something KG said, and both were given technicals. Then, after the game, Anthony went out back behind Madison Square Garden and waited for Garnett by the Celtics’ bus.

What happened? Well, according to Garnett, it was just the “heat of the battle,” and according to his coach, Doc Rivers, Anthony just went crazy over nothing. However, a few days later some “sources” who were around for that game suggested that KG said something about ‘Melo’s hot wife, Lala Vasquez. Then, a few days after that, some other “sources” revealed exactly what was said: supposedly KG told Anthony his wife tasted like Honey Nut Cheerios.

Now flash forward to the playoffs. And after New York jumped out to a 3-0 lead in their first round series, the Celtics fought back to win two in a row to make things more interesting. And after last night’s victory in New York, the Celtics’ Jordan Crawford decided to open that old wound between Carmelo and the Celtics with a little not-so-friendly trash-talking.

Of course, Crawford didn’t even dress for the game, so you would think he’d have nothing at all to say to the guy who just won the NBA’s scoring title—i.e., that he would have enough sense not to let his mouth write checks his talent can’t cash. But no.

I’m not a lip-reading expert, but some people out there on the internet are claiming that Crawford told Anthony, “My boy f**ked your wife.”

See for yourself:

knicks celtics altercation

Is that really what Crawford said? I have no idea. But the reaction from the Knicks fits the interpretation.

Hopefully Anthony’s rejoinder was, “Hey, I like your warmup suit, guy.”

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