The Anatomy of Justin Verlander’s Four-Pitch Arsenal (GIF)

verlander overlap pitches

Last week we showed you a mesmerizing aniamted GIF that shows the trajectory of each pitch that Texas Rangers pitcher Yu Darvish throws. To create it, some guy out there on the internet named Drew Shepard superimposed five separate clips of Darvish pitching over each other and then lined up the release point. The results were so awesome that the thing went viral in about five minutes.

Now, as you would expect, other people out there on the internet are trying to do the same thing for other great pitchers. And the first new one we’ve come across features the Detroit Tigers’ Justin Verlander.

Verlander, of course, “only” throws four pitches, compared to Darvish’s five—the four-seam fastball, the slider, the curveball, and the circle change. However, together they’re just as impressive an aresenal as that of Darvish, if not more so. So the GIF ends up being just as amazing.

Take a look:

And here’s a video explanation of the entire thing, courtesy of MLB Tonight:

Now you know why guys have such a tough time getting hits off Justin Verlander. When the guy is on, he’s on.

Hat Tip – [SB Nation]

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