Roberto Guerrero’s Dad Calls Floyd Mayweather Jr. a “Woman Beater” During Press Conference (Videos)

ruben guerrero pre-fight press conference

You may not be interested in this Saturday’s Welterweight title fight between Roberto Guerrero and Floyd Mayweather Jr. because you probably already know what is going to happen—a Mayweather victory, probably via unanimous decision.  But one thing you will almost certainly find interesting is the pre-fight press conference that took place earlier today.

Why, you ask?  Because during it, Roberto’s father, Ruben, went on a little rant that ended with him calling Floyd Jr. a “woman beater,” and saying “he should be hung like a chicken.”

Check it out:

And if that wasn’t already enough, Ruben also nearly came to blows with Floyd Sr. immediately following the press conference:

Sure, Saturday’s fight between Mayweather Jr. and Guerrero could be an interesting, action-packed bout, but I highly doubt that it will be more exciting than the pre-fight press conference.