Julio Borbon: Decent Ballplayer, Terrible Actor (Video + GIF)

julio borbon terrible actor

The flopping epidemic has already spread from soccer to hockey and basketball. In fact, it got so bad in basketball that the NBA now fines players for flopping.

Now it appears this flopping business has even spread to baseball. However, ballplayers are still new to the flopping game, so they have yet to hone their techniques.

Just ask the Chicago Cubs’ Julio Borbon about that. Yesterday at Wrigley Field, on a pitch in the dirt from San Diego Padres relief pitcher Luke Gregerson, Borbon put on a little show, trying to convince the home plate umpire that he had actually been hit by the pitch. Unfortunately for Julio, however, he was just a bit late to react. The replay clearly shows that the pitch hit the dirt and not Borbon’s foot, and it also shows that Borbon takes about one whole second to react to the supposed pain…which obviously was just not going to cut it.

Here’s the video:

And here’s the GIF:

julio borbon bad acting (fake hit by pitch)

And by the way, did you catch the Cubs announcer saying “thinking is good…reaction is just a little late”?

Um, no, sorry. I’m pretty sure the thinking here is, “I’m not good enough to get on base fair and square, so I’ll do it by cheating.” That’s just dumb, and Borbon got what he deserved: to have people make fun of him on the internet.

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