Washington Capitals Fan Takes a Nap During Exciting 3-1 Playoff Victory (Photo)

sleeping capitals fan

NHL fans are already a pretty wacky bunch, and when the Stanley Cup Playoffs roll around you can usually count on them to take things to another level. However, at the Verizon Center in Washington, D.C. last night, there was one guy who was just not feeling it. Despite the fact this his team, the Capitals, were up 3-1 against the Rangers late in the third period of Game 1, he just couldn’t be bothered to…stay awake.

Seriously. Late in the game, the TV cameras focused in on the Rangers bench while Rangers assistant coach Mike Sullivan was going over some strategy, and right there between Sullivan and head coach John Tortorella in the first row was a guy in a Capitals shirt taking a little snooze.

Well, he was either taking a little snooze, or he was passed out drunk.

Here’s a nice close look:


Now, I’m no marketing expert or anything, but I’d say the Capitals should probably send out a memo to all the ushers telling them to keep an eye out for dozing fans and, if they spot one, to go over and give them a little nudge. It’s bad for the brand when TV cameras catch them sleeping.

Hat Tip – [30fps]

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